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B.E - Computer Science


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was launched in the year 2013 with Under Graduate programme BE in Computer Science and Engineering. The current intake students are 60 for UG Programme. UG Programme is conducted based on the syllabus prescribed by the Anna University, Chennai. Major subjects included in the programme are: Data Structures, Database Management Systems, Internet Programming, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, IoT, Object Oriented Programming, Algorithms, Data Science and Cloud Computing.

The strength of the department is largely contributed by a team of dedicated, qualified and experienced faculty members who are specialised in various fields. The research activities of the department are promoted by the well qualified faculty members. The research promotion of the department is evidenced by number of research papers published in refereed Journals. Besides the regular classroom lectures the students are given laboratory exercise to acquire practical skill and computing capability. For this the department has 2 well equipped laboratories.

The students are exposed to several co-curricular activities for enriching their knowledge and skills in Information Technology. The students are motivated to participate in seminars, workshops and conferences. They are also encouraged to organise the seminars and workshops on current trends of Computer Science and Engineering, inviting participants from other institutions and experts from Institutions of Excellence. Students are encouraged to undertake socially relevant projects and such projects provides an opportunity for the students to serve the society.


The basis for many of the technological advances that we see in the world today is computer science. The field has expanded dramatically. Future advancements brought about by it seem to advance steadily. The fact that computer science is used in numerous interdisciplinary domains is yet another benefit of the discipline. These bring with them the requirement to meet the global demand for highly qualified engineers and scientists. The start-ups and professional engineers we develop as the Department of Computer Science and Engineering are proof that we share the same ambitions. The Department offers students top-notch instruction and a place to do research. The department gives students access to cutting-edge computing resources so they can always be one step ahead. Throughout their course of study, they are exposed to a variety of options such on-the-job training, internships, and workshops. A number of workshops and student-run symposiums are also held at the department.

The department also supports high-caliber research and creative projects in a variety of relevant fields. The department actively participates in funded research initiatives and advisory roles. The department conducts extensive research in a number of fields, including networks, databases, theoretical computer science, multimedia, image processing, software engineering, data mining, big data, machine learning, and the internet of things. Faculty members and students are active in this research. We shall continue to look outside of our walls as a department and as the department's head to attract the brightest students possible for a successful academic year.